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Board of Trustees

Dr Kit Byatt - Chair of Trustees

Isobelle Gladstone - Trustee

Claire Cunniffe - Trustee 

Natalie Barbosa - Trustee

Sally Luther - Trustee 

Dr Amanda Ellison - Trustee 

Fern Clark - Trustee 

Charlotte Stafford - Trustee

Laura-Jane Sheridan - Trustee elect


The Board of Trustees meet four times a year and work with the Senior Management Team to inspire, set and maintain the charity’s vision, mission and values.  The Trustees develop the strategy, and ensure compliance and accountability for financial, legal and regulatory obligations, including charity fundraising activities. 

Founded in 1970, the Dr Hadwen Trust for Humane Research (registered charity number 261096) became incorporated as a company limited by guarantee in 2013 (company number 08015625) and is now known as the Dr Hadwen Trust or the DHT.  

Following incorporation, the DHT became a registered charity (number 1146896) in England and Wales and Scotland (number SC045327).  

The objects of the new charity are exactly as the original charitable Trust, and are to promote research into the provision of acceptable new techniques and substitutes for the use of animals in medical research and associated fields of research, and to publish the results of all such researches.   


Articles of Association


Trust Deed (1970)


Public Benefit Statement

The DHT is the UK’s leading non-animal medical research charity that funds and promotes the development of techniques and procedures to replace the use of animals in biomedical research.  The DHT supports and assists scientists to implement existing animal replacement techniques and to develop new and more human-relevant non-animal methods of research. We award grants to scientists in universities, hospitals and research organisations following a rigorous peer-reviewed selection procedure. Only those projects with the highest scientific calibre and the best potential for the replacement of animals are awarded funding.  

Through its funded research, the DHT demonstrates that by supporting and championing cutting-edge non-animal research methodologies there will be significant advances and innovations in the pursuit of more human-relevant medical research, benefiting the public health and reducing animal suffering.


Best Practice

The DHT is committed to adhere to codes of best practice and is an organisational member of the Institute of Fundraising and a member of the FundRaising Standards Board. 




The DHT is managed on a day-to-day basis by a team of ten full and part-time personnel.


Senior Management Team (the Executive Team reporting to the Trustees)

Dr Brett Cochrane - Science Director

Brett is the Group Head of Science at the DHT and has overall responsibility for leading and implementing the science and education strategy. In addition to this role, Brett will work closely with the animal alternative science Chair (once appointed) at Queen Mary’s, University of London, to develop the animal-alternative and human-relevant research and education programmes. Brett has a PhD in molecular microbiology from the University of Southampton and has more than six years’ post-doctoral experience within Unilever’s Safety and Environmental Assurance Centre where he helped drive Unilever’s efforts to identify and evaluate new technologies to replace the use of animals in research. Brett also represented Unilever on industry and European Commission collaborations such as the European Partnership for Alternative Approaches to Animal Testing (EPAA).


Dr Kay Miller, CMgr, FCMI - Development Director 

Kay manages the Operations Team, which includes supporter services and fundraising. Kay has overall responsibility for the operational aspects of managing the DHT, including governance and compliance.  In addition, HR, publicity and PR fall within Kay's remit, as do all aspects of strategic development and review that relate to fundraising, supporters and engagement. Kay has a PhD in plant physiology and four-years post-doctoral experience whilst working at Rothamsted Research. Before joining the DHT, Kay was a senior manager at the Biochemical Society.


Janet Wheatley - Finance Director

Janet has been with the DHT since 2008.  She has overall responsibility for the finance team and the DHT financial accounting systems, providing the financial processes to support the effective running of the DHT and ensuring the organisation complies with statutory and external requirements and regulations.  Her role includes all aspects of financial development, reporting and review.  In addition, Janet oversees the management and administration of legacies and Wills, making certain they are handled in accordance with best practice.


Science and Grants Team

Dr Alpesh Patel - Grants Officer

Alpesh is responsible for managing the DHT’s grant funding programme and is the point of contact for our projects’ grant holders. He manages project timelines, records, and finances and also maintains lines of communication between the DHT and its past, present and future grant holders. He represents the DHT at external stakeholder and supporter meetings. His work also involves understanding and aiding the dissemination of all the DHT’s scientific research outcomes. Before joining the DHT, Alpesh completed his PhD in Biochemistry from King’s College London, investigating the mechanism of action that causes the disease Staphylococcal Scalded Skin Syndrome.


Development Team

Hazel Brightman - Communications and Marketing Officer

Hazel, a graduate of Goldsmiths College, University of London, joined the DHT in 2008. Hazel looks after supporter services and also creates the DHT's graphic design work, including appeals and fundraising materials, promotional materials, advertisements and our magazine Replacement News.


Gerry Reilly - Development and Public Relationships Manager

Gerry, a graduate of the University of Glasgow, joined the DHT in June 2014. Prior to his more recent involvement in the charitable and fundraising sector, he had a successful career in travel and tourism, holding senior management positions with a number of the UK’s leading travel companies. He became involved in fundraising in 2008 when he set up the Handstand Appeal in Cornwall and he has spent the last six years fundraising on behalf of children with disabilities. At the DHT, Gerry is responsible for coordinating fundraising activity; raising the DHT's profile; forging corporate and strategic partnerships and managing media and PR activity.


Danielle Goodwin - Fundraising Development Officer

Danielle, a graduate from the University of the West of England, Bristol joined the DHT in May 2008. Danielle is responsible for managing and looking after DHT fundraisers and volunteers.  She also works with other members of the Operations Team to plan and implement direct marketing appeals, DHT events and develop fundraising campaigns and strategies to increase the supporter base. 



Finance Team

Karen Sears - Accounts Officer

Karen is responsible for the day to day administration of all cash, cheque, standing order and credit card donations received, ensuring all supporter records are accurately updated and maintained. She also processes and monitors the Gift Aid claims.


Christine Middleton - Legacy Administration and Accounts Officer

Christine provides support for legacy administration and Will writing, dealing with day to day enquiries and maintaining accurate estate records. She is also responsible for creditor records, dealing with supplier enquires, recording payments and providing remittance advices.  In addition she ensures the smooth running of the DHT Lottery and processing donations from CAF, Payroll, Justgiving and other fundraising organisations.    


Beth Lloyd - Team Administrator

Beth joined the DHT in August 2015 after working for 3 years in an administration and business support role; as a vegan she wanted to team her experience and skills with her morals and beliefs. Her role is somewhat diverse as she is required to support all areas of the DHT (Finance, Operations and Science) as well as dealing with supporter enquiries.


Press Office Contact - Gerry Reilly

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