Research Funding Opportunity: Summer Projects

The DHT Studentship & Fellowship schemes have been established to assist undergraduate or newly graduated students in gaining practical animal-replacement research experience by working in a laboratory environment.

These short summer projects are a great way to get students to begin their research careers. They also allow students the opportunity to gain a better understanding of how to conduct animal-free research. Former placement students have found that these short projects influence their career decisions and encourages them to pursue non-animal based research careers.

Studentships are open for students who have not yet finished their undergraduate degree, but have completed at least 2 years of study.

Fellowships are for individuals who have completed their undergraduate (BSc) degree course.







For biomedical science UNDERGRADUATES who have completed at least 2 years of a relevant degree  
For biomedical science GRADUATES.

Duration: 8 weeks   Duration: 12 weeks
Stipend: £180/week    Stipend: £200/week 
Consumables: up to £500    Consumables: up to £1,000 
Projects must show the potential to replace any regulated animal experiments in the UK   Projects must offer the potential to replace the use of cats, dogs or primates in the UK


Research that requires or involves the use of animals* in any way, even though the ultimate aim may be to replace their use, will not be supported.

The DHT will not support the use of any animal-derived biomaterials, such as, foetal calf serum (FCS), animal-derived antibodies, collagen, trypsin etc. for any reason.

* - The term 'animal' is defined as any organism of the Kingdom Animalia (excluding Humans).



  • Students cannot apply for the funding for either scheme directly. Applications must be made by a Staff member at an appropriate research facility (University, Hospital, Research Institute).
  • Applicants do not need to be tenured or have a permanent contract to apply, i.e. PostDocs, Research Assistants/Technicians or Lab managers are also eligible to be the Grant holder for the Summer project.


The deadline for the return of the completed application form is 5:00pm Friday 7th April 2017.

Find out more about our 2016 Summer Studentships or our 2016 Summer Fellowships.

The Summer Fellowships have been made possible through the immense generosity of Alan & Kathie Stross. Alan & Kathie were both dedicated supporters of the DHT and believed that medical research should continue without the use of animals.


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