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CEO Kailah Eglington departs the Dr Hadwen Trust

During her time with the DHT, Kailah spearheaded the professionalisation of the organisation's administration and image, and delivered a number of significant initiatives including bringing to fruition the launch of a Professorial Chair in Animal Replacement Science at Queen Mary, University of London, the first post of its kind in the world and in a sector where animal welfare organisations were seen as "no go" areas. The DHT's sponsorship of and involvement with this exciting opportunity has cemented its academic credentials and will facilitate the development of a global network of scientists dedicated to developing alternative research techniques to animal experiments. Kailah also introduced the summer studentship grant scheme for the benefit of undergraduate students considering a career in animal replacement research. In addition, she built strategic relationships between the DHT and the science, medical and animal welfare sectors and set up a 200-strong national volunteer network which contributed to the successful growth of the charity financially, organically and professionally over the last four years.

Mrs Eglington commented: "I am proud and honoured to have served the DHT and wish them every success in the future. I would like to thank all those who have supported this worthy and important cause and hope they continue to do so in future."

Kit Byatt, Chair of the DHT said: "Kailah's administrative restructuring has laid the foundation for our development over the next few years. The legacy of this work will continue to support the DHT's vision and long term objectives well into the future.

"Pending the appointment of a new CEO, our board of trustees and team of dedicated staff will continue to develop and deliver our goals with the passion and dedication our stakeholders and supporters have come to expect from us. This month, we welcome our new Group Head of Operations, Dr Kay Miller, who joins Dr Brett Cochrane, recently appointed Group Head of Science. She joins us from the Biochemical Society where she has shown her ability to develop networks with, and encourage growth of, the organisation."


Wishing you a very happy retirement following a very successful career at DHT. Thank you for your valued contribution to the work of this excellent organisation.

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