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Another record breaking year for the Dr Hadwen Trust!

The Dr Hadwen Trust (DHT) is absolutely delighted to announce that this year, it has awarded grants to support eight humane research projects at Universities throughout England and Scotland with a combined value of £0.87 million.

This year we are announcing the DHT funded projects in two phases. In this, the first phase, we are very pleased to be supporting the following important non-animal research which includes cancer, kidney disease, drug transport and dentistry: 

  • Dr Richard Shelton and his research group at the University of Birmingham will investigate the development of a 3-D organotypic model of human gum/skin.
  • Professor Hanemann and his research group at Plymouth University will be identifying therapeutic targets in shwannomas and meningiomas.
  • Dr Helen Wheadon and her research group at the University of Glasgow will be validating induced pluripotent stem cells as an acceptable alternative model for pre-clinical drug screening in haematological malignancies.
  • Dr Martin Garnett and his research group at the University of Nottingham are investigating epithelial cell models and drug transport of nanoparticles.
  • Dr Susan Francis and her research group at the University of Nottingham will be using advanced imaging techniques to investigate intrarenal haemodynamics, oxygen metabolism and fibrosis in chronic kidney disease. 

Dr Brett Cochrane, Group Head of Science at the DHT, said:

“We are once again proud to support such an impressive range of humane research projects to deliver potential benefits to human health yet alleviating the unnecessary suffering of animals. This first wave of research projects helps address the continued use of dogs, rodents, pigs and monkeys, to name just a few species. It is at this point I must convey my sincere thanks to our dedicated supporters, as without their generosity, this vital research just wouldn’t be a reality.”

To find out more about this first wave of DHT research grants, please visit: where there is more information on each of the projects and how they are developing alternatives to animal experiments in their various fields of research. Please check back later or look out for the next DHT newsletter for details of the next wave of project announcements.


Congratulations to those receiving grants; let's hope there efforts are supremely positive for the benefit of us all. & of course congratulations to DHT for their continuous tireless efforts to help end animal experimentation

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