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Replacement News This Week

Here are a selection of science news items that have furthered the development of alternatives to animal experiments in recent weeks.


1. White House Boosts Translational Medicine, Drug Chip Project

The NIH has announced up to $140 million of funding over 5 years to develop a chip for predicting drug toxicity.

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2. Neuronal Monkey Bars

Three-dimensional scaffolds for growing and guiding neurons in cell culture are getting smaller and more tailored in design enabling researcher to better mimic the growth of nerves in humans.

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3. The Lasker Public Service Award

The NIH Clinical Center has received the Lasker Public Service Award for it's population sudies using humans to develop the future of clinical research. The Lasker Awards are presented by the the Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation and its programs are dedicated to the support of biomedical research toward conquering disease, improving human health and extending life.

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4. Making nerve pathways in chips for brain studies

The study of brain development and degeneration is hindered by a lack of physiologically realistic models. French scientists have now developed a way to reconstruct neuronal networks in a microfluidic system to more closely mimic the directional neuronal pathways found in the brain.

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