Current portfolio


Dr John Connelly  

Wound healing

Dr John Connelly
Queen Mary, University of London

2014 - 2016: High-throughput analysis of synthetic wound healing microenvironments

 Catherine Wright  


Dr Catherine Wright
Glasgow Caledonian University

2014 - 2017: Improving access to human material for diabetes research: developing the GCU research tissue bank for diabetic and non-diabetic skin.


Quantum dots

Dr Dejian Zhou
University of Leeds

2014 - 2017: Multivalent quantum dot non-antibody binding protein imaging probes


Fluorescence-based assays

Professor Sergey Piletsky
University of Leicester

2014 – 2015: Evaluation of fluorescence-based assay as a screening tool for understanding of the molecular triggering events caused by toxic chemicals

Professor Oliver HanemannBrain tumours

Professor Oliver Hanemann
Plymouth University
2013 - 2016: Identification of common therapeutic targets in schwannomas and meningiomas

Dr Susan FrancisChronic kidney disease

Dr Susan Francis
University of Nottingham
2014 - 2016: Imaging of intrarenal haemodynamics, oxygen metabolism and fibrosis in chronic kidney disease

Dr Richard SheltonEdentulousness

Dr Richard Shelton
University of Birmingham
2014 - 2017: Developing a 3D organotypical model to assess skin and gum penetrating implant soft tissue outcomes and implant device development


Dr Helen Wheadon


Dr Helen Wheadon
University of Glasgow
2014 - 2017: Validation of induced pluripotent stem cells as an acceptable alternative model for pre-clinical drug screening in haematological malignancies     

Dr Martin GarnettToxicology

Dr Martin Garnett
University of Nottingham
2014 - 2017: Further developments of epithelial cell models with realistic basement membranes for drug transport and toxicology studies

Professor James RossToxicology research

Professor James Ross
Edinburgh University
2012 - 2015: A scalable system for the production of human-induced pluripotent cell (hiPSC)-derived, functionally-mature, hepatocytes for replacement of animal toxicology testing

Professor George MacfarlaneBarrett's oesophagus

Professor George Macfarlane
Dundee University
2012 - 2014: Establishment of an oesophageal model system to investigate interactions in the development of Barrett's oesophagus and its progression to adenocarcinoma

Professor Robin WilliamsAlzheimer's disease

Professor Robin Williams
Royal Holloway, University of London
2012 – 2014: Dictyostelium as a non-sentient model for Presenilin research into Alzheimer's disease

Professor Geoffrey PilkingtonBlood brain barrier

Professor Geoffrey Pilkington
Portsmouth University
2012 – 2015: Application of a 3D 'all-human' blood brain barrier model in evaluating nanoparticle-facilitated drug delivery systems

Dr Uta GriesenbachLung gene therapy

Professor Uta Griesenbach
Imperial College, London
2012 – 2015 Research Technician: Validation of human ex vivo models for airway gene transfer

Professor John Graeme HoustonMedical devices

Professor John Graeme Houston
University of Dundee
2012 – 2015 Post-Doc Research Fellowship: Thiel embalmed human cadaveric alternatives to animal models for cardiovascular device testing and training

Professor Peter MorrisSchizophrenia

Professor Peter Morris
University of Nottingham
2012 – 2015 Research Assistant: Multi-modal imaging and its application in schizophrenia

Professor Robin WilliamsBipolar disorder

Professor Robin Williams
Royal Holloway, University of London
2012 – 2015 PhD Studentship: Development of a first-choice non-sentient model for bipolar disorder molecular pharmacology research 

Professor Julian MaRabies

Professor Julian Ma
St George’s, University of London
2012 – 2015 Research Assistant: Replacement of animal derived products for prevention of rabies in under-developed countries

Professor Paul Furlong


Professor Paul Furlong
Aston University, Birmingham
2012 – 2017 Strategic Grant: Translational humane research programme using MEG for non-invasive studies of the human brain.

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