Summer Fellowships 2016 overview

The DHT is greatly pleased to award 6 Alan and Kathie Stross Summer Fellowship projects in 2016.

We wish all the students the very best with their research.

For more information about Alan and Kathie Stross and the legacy they left to the DHT please visit this link.


Advanced cell culture using the Quasi-Vivo system

Supervisor: Dr Sean McGinty, University of Glasgow

Student (pictured): Miss Lauren Hyndman


Cell culture model for brain tumours

Supervisor: Professor Geoffrey Pilkington, University of Portsmouth

Student (pictured): Miss Katie Loveson


Cortical excitability in neurodevelopmental disorders

Supervisor: Professor Stephen Jackson, University of Nottingham

Student (pictured): Miss Katie Fitzgerald


Ex vivo human skin model

Supervisor: Dr Jelena Gavrilovic, University of East Anglia

Student (pictured): Mr Stuart Keppie

Lewis Reynolds  

Mini hearts

Supervisor: Professor Nikolai Zhelev, Abertay University

Student (pictured): Mr Lewis Reynolds


Multi organ chips for safety testing

Supervisor: Dr David Hughes, CN Bio Innovations, Welwyn Garden City

Student (pictured): Mr Arturo Mendoza

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