Summer studentships 2016 overview

The DHT has awarded 12 Summer Studentship projects in 2016.We wish all the students the very best with their research.


3D cell culture for breast cancer

Supervisor: Professor Valerie Speirs, University of Leeds

Student: Miss Bryony McCord

Ashley Gains  

3D gastrointestinal cell culture model

Supervisor: Dr Melissa Lacey, Sheffield Hallam University

Student: Mr Ashley Gains

Harriet Lloyd (Leslie SS)  

Advance cell culture model for respiratory disease

Supervisor: Dr Laura Leslie, Aston University

Student (pictured): Ms Harriet Lloyd

Craig Gilmour (McEwan SS)  

Cell culture model for prostate cancer

Supervisor: Professor Iain McEwan, University of Aberdeen

Student (pictured): Mr Craig Gilmour

Eleanor Raven (Jackson SS)  

Cortical excitability in neurodevelopmental disorders

Supervisor: Professor Stephen Jackson, University of Nottingham

Student (pictured): Miss Eleanor Raven

Jessica Henry (Gatliff SS)  

Evaluation of therapies for Parkinson’s disease

Supervisor: Dr Jemma Gatliff, Keregen Theraputics, Stevenage

Student (pictured): Miss Jessica Henry

Brianna Burton (Matthew SS)  

Extracorporeal flow in Thiel embalmed human cadavers

Supervisor: Dr Shona Matthew, University of Dundee

Student (pictured): Miss Brianna Burton

Edward Christopher (Johnstone SS)  

Human cerebral organoids

Supervisor: Dr Mandy Johnstone, University of Edinburgh

Student (pictured): Mr Edward Christopher

Natalie Kodom-Baah (Hutter SS)  

In silico database for drug safety prediction

Supervisor: Dr Victoria Hutter, University of Hertfordshire

Student (pictured): Miss Natalie Kodom-Baah

Jenna James (Roach SS)  

Microfluidic neuronal cell circuits

Supervisor: Dr Paul Roach, Keele University

Student (pictured): Miss Jenna James


Monitoring vitamin D levels

Supervisor: Dr Louisa Jeffery, University of Birmingham

Student: Miss Nefisa Marium

Elizabeth Adenipekun (Rahman SS)  

Nanopeptides for brain cancer therapy

Supervisor: Dr Ruman Rahman, University of Nottingham

Student (pictured): Miss Elizabeth Adenipekun

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